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March 2019- Endometriosis and Fertility- All you need to know.

endometriosis is the name given to any tissue that is meant to line your uterus that grows in other places, such as ovaries or the Fallopian tubes. This can cause cobweb-like adhesions that can, for example, block an egg from travelling down your tubes – hence fertility issues – as well as intense, debilitating pain during the time of the month

According to the NHS online:

Endometriosis can affect women of any age, but it's most common in women in their 30s and 40s.

It's a long-term condition that can have a significant impact on your life, but there are treatments that can help.

Symptoms of endometriosis
The symptoms of endometriosis can vary. Some women are badly affected, while others might not have any noticeable symptoms.

The main symptoms of endometriosis are:

pain in your lower tummy or back (pelvic pain) – usually worse during your period
period pain that stops you doing your normal activities
pain during or after sex
pain when peeing or pooing during your period
feeling sick, constipation, diarrhoea, or blood in your pee during your period
difficulty getting pregnant
You may also have heavy periods – you might use lots of pads or tampons, or you may bleed through your clothes.

For some women, endometriosis can have a big impact on their life and may sometimes lead to feelings of depression.

Endometriosis and Fertility

Further problems caused by endometriosis
One of the main complications of endometriosis is difficulty getting pregnant or not being able to get pregnant at all (infertility).

Surgery to remove endometriosis tissue can help improve your chances of getting pregnant, although there's no guarantee that you'll be able to get pregnant after treatment.

Surgery for endometriosis can also sometimes cause further problems, such as infections, bleeding or damage to affected organs.

If surgery is recommended for you, talk to your surgeon about the possible risks.

See your GP if you have symptoms of endometriosis, especially if they're having a big impact on your life.

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